The Raids of a Realm Reborn are categorized here. We have the Primals (EX-only) fights listed here with any information we've managed to glean. Speak with your Dungeon Masters and FC leaders about attempting organized a non-scheduled run.

Extreme Primals Edit

The Beast Tribes won't stop summoning their Primal Deities. These trials are some of the hardest in the game and include everything from Ifrit to Shiva. EX Primals are run generally as pick up groups by the Eternals. If you need one don't hesitate to ask around as we have multiple people who've cleared up through Shiva.

Initial Extremes Second Tier Finale (In order)

The Coils of Bahamut Edit

Unlocked after completing Titan (Hard Mode), the Binding Coils of Bahamut are the story covering what exactly happened during the fall of dalamud and why precisely Eorzea is still in one piece, albeit changed. Venture forth with your free company and challenge all 13 turns. For Pre-T5 runs, talk with your Dungeon Masters about organizing a training/clear run. For Second Coil and beyond Eternals run a raiding night on the regular, just ask about when it is.

However, if you do get involved with raiding: You are responsible for your own research. Do take the time to not go in blind, these raids are fairly old and you can get a lot of spoiler free information online that can prepare you for mechanics, such as the information we've attempted to gather here for your benefit.

Binding of Bahamut Second Bahamut Final Bahamut

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