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MTQCapture Guide

Mrhappy1227 Guide

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Mechanic Tips Edit

Mechanic 1 Edit

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General Edit

  • [Lights, CAMERA, Action] Just as a general tip as well you should be doing this fight with your camera allllllllllll theeeeee wayyyyyyyyyy zoomed out. this way you can see what bombs drop first and where they drop that way you can dodge them accordingly

Tank Edit

  • If you have a PLD OT, you can avoid one swap for Titan, keeping one tank from after the first column break all the way until after the Granite Gaolers after the heart. Just time a cover so that when Titan drops the semi-circle of bombs you're fellow tank is covered and you'll take the mountain buster meant for them and keep them from picking up a third stack of vulnerability. At this point the other tank will clear their vulnerability off and it's back to basics.

Healer Edit

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DPS Edit

  • Most parties that play Titan EX use a stacking formation. This means if you are a dps you will all stand right behind titan. I wouldn't suggest using the upside down "T" method as usually the dps in the middle gets trapped by plumes and that's no good. instead all dps should be relatively close to titan having the casters bring up the rear. this way when plume drops it concentrates on one area and all you do is move left then move right... its a dance people.