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Mechanic 1 Edit

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General Edit

  • Remember: the pattern for the Twisters phase goes: "Twisters, Dread Knight, Twisters, Dread Knight and Twisters, repeat..." until the phase is pushed on.

Tank Edit

  • If you wipe before using LB 2 on the snakes but it is ready (typically seen if wiping around the time of Divebombs) make sure to use the Limit before jumping back into the fight, as the gauge is cleared upon reentry.
  • PALADIN: You can get off 2 Circle of Scorns of Ascpleius and his minions after the first set of Divebombs as a PLD. Once when the snake first spawn, and once again about 10 seconds before the next set. Make sure to let everyone know to be aware of the coming storm.
  • PALADIN: During the second set of Divebombs, PLDs should leave the trench around the time of the Second dive and throw up Tempered Will, preventing Twintania from knocking them about should she target them for dives. This is to leave the PLD in position for the second set of Adds. Once the PLD has all the snake adds, they should pop Hallowed ground in preparation for Caster Limit Break if one is available.

Healer Edit

  • Get used to timing for Death Sentence. Focus target Twintania as well so you can see it coming. This is probably your most important mechanic, and it happens throughout the entire fight. It happens approximately every 35 seconds, and typically after two Plummets (the move where Twintania falls on her face on the Tank and deals a lot of damage). WHM should have Stoneskin onbeforeDeath Sentence hits (try cast it after/during the Plummet before Death Sentence so that Plummet doesn't take the Stoneskin); SCH should have Adloquium up before Death Sentence as well. WHM should use a Cure 2, and SCH should use Lustrateimmediatelyafter Death Sentence. Eventually you will get the timing so that it will actually hit at the exact same time as Death Sentence, basically nullifying the damage.

DPS Edit

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