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Written Guides Edit

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Mechanic Tips Edit

Mechanic 1 Edit

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Role/Job Tips Edit

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General Edit

  • Practice stopping your actions on a dime! It is incredibly important in this fight to be able to stop on demand.
  • Know the rotations of Rafflesia! It's okay if it takes you a bit, but a second of preparation is worth at least one minute of reaction. Know when to watch for Flowers and know what you need to be doing with each tether.

Tank Edit

  • You want to provoke sometime during the spit and start moving into position. This should see zero spinning from Rafflesia if you do it right.

Healer Edit

  • No, your regens do not count as actions. Keep up Medica 2, Regen on the MT at least, and Fey Glow.
  • You are the focal point of Rafflesia's dessiminating beam in Phase 3, be sure to stay close and keep the beam aimed backwards so that it's easy for the DPS to line up for.

DPS Edit

  • You have to move to break tethers. I'm sorry if you're a Mage in this fight, but a second of lost DPS is worth more than the 0 dps your corpse will be doing.