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Mechanic 1 Edit

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General Edit

  • You need 3 people responsible for clearing Ballistic Missile. The first one is responsible if they are not bound, 2 is responsible if 1 is bound, and 3 is responsible if the other two are bound. 4 and 5 could be useful in case someone is out of position (such as Homing Missile Bait) at the time of Ballistic's binding, keeping it so that higher numbers are responsible for those further from the stack point behind Avatar.

Tank Edit

  • Brainjack's Debuff's wear out is always followed up immediately be a Homing Missile. The person assigned to Brainjack should also be assigned to Homing Missiles for this reason. Additionally, because they may be cleaved during Brainjack, it's pivotal not to have this person pushing Towers.
  • Dreadnaught can take out all healers in 2 uncontained hits. Main Tank must grab it IMMEDIATELY as it can lead to an immediate raid wipe.
  • Be mindful of where the mine's show up especially in regards to proximity to towers. If a mine is triggered from the wrong position, you might be flung into a tower and cause it to push too fast, leading to a raid wipe because a mechanic comes in before it is supposed to.
  • If you want to be especially cheeky as a PLD Main Tank, just before Brainjack hits you can use Cover on your imminent target, protecting them from your onslaught.

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