Wournsfeik Untawhasyn
Vital statistics
Position Head Dungeon Master
Age Drinking Age+
Status Roe4Lyfe
Physical attributes
Height The Tallest
Weight Including Armor: like 700 pounds of pure Roegadyn
Wournsfeik Untawhasyn has been with the Eternals since he was picked up somewhere in Hawthorne Hut. A lowly 41 PLD when he joined, he now leads the assault on progression content within the Eternals along with Shotonte. Usually helpful, if one needs a hand Wourns finds a way to accomodate.

Job Information Edit

Information current as of March 24th, 2015

Main Job: PLD (50) iLvl 125

Paladin is Wournsfeik's main job for a reason. Consistently observed as being one of the best tanks on Zalera, able to push the ceiling of his Enmity to the point where even DPS better geared than he have room to breathe and do their thing. His hate control is second to none.

Other Jobs: DRG (50), WHM (50)

Crafting Jobs: WVR (50), GSM (50)

Wournsfeik has only just begun the road to crafting and is currently working on getting all Crafts to 50. He cannot even manage 1-star crafts yet.

Gathering Jobs: MIN (50)

End Game Knowledge Edit

Wournsfeik has compelted all Extreme Primals save Ifrit Extreme.

Wournsfeik has completed the First and Second Coils of Bahamut

Wournsfeik has completed Turn 10 and is now on Turn 11.

External Links Edit

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