Wulfiue Yaeger
Vital statistics
Position Task Master Ephemeral
Age Unknown
Status The Evil Clone
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Wulf is the Eternal's Ephemeral Task Master. Incredibly on task when he wants something, if you need something to do it won't be long until Wulf is dragging you along on some new adventure to keep you in practice. Is usually accompanied by his trouble twin, Dravina Anivard.

Job Information Edit

Main Job: Ninja (50)

Other Discipline of War/Magic Jobs: All to 50

Crafters: All to 50, 4-star Weaver

Gatherers: All to 50

End Game Knowledge Edit

Completed all Extreme Primals.

Completed First and Second Coil of Bahamut.

External Links Edit

Wulfuie Yaeger on the lodestone (for Zalera).